Invisible Mending

You see three women sitting on the edge of a beach. 
You can see that they are weaving.
You can hear that they are singing. 

They sing what was, what is, and what must come to be.

Invisible Mending is the premiere of a collaboration between award-winning theatre maker/musicians Yoshika Colwell and Max Barton (of Second Body). In the summer of 2020 as a pandemic raged, Yoshika was processing the death of her beloved grandmother, Ann. A woman of few words, Ann’s one great creative outlet was knitting. And not just any knitting. Her projects were intricate, virtuosic works of art, which still adorn the wardrobes of her nearest and dearest.

As she reached the end of her life, Ann started a new project. Too wide for a scarf, too narrow for a jumper, this project was following no plan. She was simply using up the last of her wool. Yoshika now takes up this piece where Ann left off. A show about love, grief and knitting, Invisible Mending combines original music, metaphysics and verbatim material to explore the power in small acts of creativity. The piece is performed and written by Yoshika, with Max directing, co-writing and performing live music and sound processing.

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